DFW Airport Champions in Diversity Award Winners Addendum

JMA Johnson Architects, LLC
Michael Johnson, Principal

Johnson/McKibben Architects, Inc. (now JMA Johnson Architects, LLC) was the first minority-owned architectural/engineering firm to participate in a professional services joint venture at DFW. Established in 1991, Johnson/McKibben was awarded their first contract with DFW in 1994. From designing the Emery Freight Cargo Building, now called the DHL Cargo, to designing the renovations of Terminal 2W, now Terminal B, Johnson/McKibben has been providing exceptional design services for an extensive assortment of architectural and interior design tasks. At a time when joint ventures at the Prime level were unheard of, Johnson/McKibben became a Trailblazer by partnering with Pierce, Goodwin, Alexander & Linville, Inc. as a Prime Consultant to provide design and design management services for DFW. Joint venture partnerships have since been replicated by many other professional service providers.